"A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Motion Picture... that's a lot of words."

Helping build brands & brand recognition, tell stories, educate, advertise, entertain through captivating motion and imagery.

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About SALT

We believe in a personal and tailored approach to every project. With vast experience in the media industry; creating, producing, shooting and post production, we thrive on developing new, fresh ideas and ways to engage the audience, and give something special to clients.


We are a small Sydney based team, with the versatility and ability to adapt in the ever-changing media industry, stay ahead and set high standards for online advertising content, with high quality, captivating results.


Having the opportunity to collaborate with brands and companies of all sizes, we never compromise on getting to know each of our clients, understanding their wants and needs, building relationships to ensure a seamless and enjoyable partnership.


Here at SALT we are looking forward to meeting you.